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Holistic Therapies in your home or workplace.

Each TREATment unique, a TREAT, and just what you need.

Fully Insured, Qualified Therapist

Every TREATment is specially designed to give you the most enjoyable experience and lasting benefit.

Holistic Means I TREAT the whole person, not just the symptoms.  If I can find the cause of your problem and help you address it then I will.

Indian Head Massage
Gaining popularity in the West due to its health benefits; particularly stress relief. Also beneficial for skin and hair condition.

Relax and Repair
Relaxes tired and aching muscles, drains lactic acid after exercise and aids in the healing of injuries. Also corrects postural problems and reduces stiffness.

Therapeutic Massage
Increases lymphatic flow to boost immune system and aid detoxification. Suitable if youíre often ill or run-down.

Computer users special
Targets problem areas for those who use computers, including neck, shoulders, back, hands, arms and wrists. Combats
repetitive strain injury and relieves eye strain.

Soothe and Comfort
Soft , gentle and comforting.  A mother's touch.

Pamper Me!
When you donít need therapy, you just want to enjoy a TREATment and be

Relaxes but invigorates! Clears thoughts, increases concentration and boosts energy. Perfect for TREATments at work.

Aromatherapy my be used in conjunction with any of the other therapies.

There is evidence that this powerful technique can make you happier! Experience it alone or along side the other therapies.

Crystal Therapy
I'm having a great deal of success using crystals for all sorts of ailments.  You might wonder what a scientist's doing playing about with crystals: crystals have many interesting scientific properties, they're used everywhere.  They're even used to help catch you speeding!

I spent five years studying for my applied chemistry degree part-time. It mainly consisted of understanding the different types of energy, how they interact and how to measure them. And I spent 18 years working in analysis, where I decided which types of energy to measure to give me the information I needed.  I intend to put a crystal page here which explains the special properties of crystals and how they relate to healing.  Please watch this space.

Yoga and massage
A one to one beginners yoga session tailored specifically for your needs followed by a relaxing massage. A truly enabling combination - learn how to heal yourself and become more supple and flexible through yoga, the following massage allows you to get the most from your stretch and helps to ensure you don't ache the following day!

Hand Massage
Neck and Shoulder massage
Full body massage
Back massage
Pain Relief
(Apparently my hands can help relieve pain. I could come up with a theory as to why but I'd be guessing!)
Energy Work
(similar to, but not Reiki)
Sound Therapy (Healing using the vibrations of sound, utilising bells, drums and singing bowl.  I usually use sound in conjunction with crystals and I'm having a great deal of success.)

Holistic Therapies
I practise holistic therapy.  Holistic means that I treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.  For example, if I visit you at your home to treat the RSI you suffer from in your wrists and hands, I'll also help you to find and tackle the cause of your problem (which may involve me having a look at the way you sit at your computer).  If you're suffering from stress, as well as offering relaxing treatments I'll also help you to manage your stress.  I've been practising yoga for many years, so if you have a physical condition that is made worse by poor posture  I may be able to teach you some stretches to improve your condition.   I may give you breathing exercises or we may do some meditation.  Experience has taught me that the most effective treatments are the ones that are the most pleasurable, and what is pleasurable changes from person to person and varies with time. Therefore, each treatment is unique, and a TREAT.  The list above gives an idea of the type of therapies I can offer, but one treatment may include different therapies depending on your requirements.  My TREATments can help you relax, sleep, give you energy, make you more supple and flexible, increase your concentration or alleviate pain.

When performing TREATments that involve physical touch I'm also working on an energy level.  For me, massage is the perfect way to bring the spiritual down to earth.  Chakra balancing is part of every TREATment.  TREATments balance yin and yang; masculine and feminine; thought and feeling; mind body and spirit etc.

So why not give yourself a TREAT?






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