I’ve had an active interest in complementary and holistic therapies since about 1980. I began studying massage in earnest in about 2000. Two things happened at once to capture my interest:

  1. I was enjoying my yoga practise and wanted to pass on the feelings it gave me to others.

  2. My partner hurt his back; his doctor gave him pain killers and an appointment at the back clinic in 3 months time.

So, with the request to “do something” and “you couldn’t possibly make it worse” my studies began. My analytical background helped  - I have an honours degree in applied chemistry and have spent most of my working life carrying out analytical or investigative work; recently as a scientific consultant specialising in workplace atmospheres and the health effects of chemical exposures.

I further developed my skills by completing a level three diploma in Indian Head Massage in 2004.

I took the decision to change my career in 2005, moving away from the traditional sciences to complimentary therapies. The reason for this is simple - it's more fun for me! And keeps my stress levels down. I love meeting and interacting with people in a way that it was impossible to do as an occupational scientist. It would be impossible for me to leave the scientist in me behind though, I simply apply my skills to different things. My new career allows me to use my logical, creative and intuitive skills.

I'm a practical and down-to-earth person but I have nurtured my spiritual side too. As a scientist I understand the different types of energy; if I had the proper equipment I could measure them! As a therapist I've trained myself to be aware of these energies on a spiritual and instinctive / intuitive level, enabling me to work with them.

I draw on my own personal experiences for stress management services, and draw assistance from published guidance etc. Each individual and business is different, with varying perspectives and requirements. I use my analytical and interpersonal skills to establish the fundamental causes of stress, pain or disharmony and treat accordingly.

I design and produce all my own marketing material and business cards etc, including this web site.  Many people like my work, so I now provide design and print services for third parties.  I enjoy this work too.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like any more information or if you'd like to discuss anything you've seen on this web site.

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