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I've been having a "full-on creative splurge" of late and I've got loads of paintings to sell.  They're abstract and you can get them from under 5! You can see and purchase some of them from the Bohemian now, and from the Airy Fairy for 2 months beginning the 7th October 2007. The paintings are double sided so you get 2 in one! They're painted on clear acetate so you can see the side that was painted and the "back". Please contact me if you'd like to order some paintings of a specific size or colour, or if you'd like them mounting in a particular colour.

All paintings are A4 or smaller.

There's an example of a painting below, I'll add more later. This one hasn't been mounted yet. I'm afraid the picture doesn't really do it justice, but I'm sure you'll get the idea.

Pic 1Side 1

Pic 2 Side 2

This is roughly circular on a clear background and is approximately the same side of the actual painting.  The blue is actually more turquoise but I couldn't quite get it on the scan. The yellow/brown colour is actually gold.

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