Here are some business cards I've designed.  If you're interested in this service, please  contact me. These pictures aren't as clear as the original, and some don't look quite like they should, but that's Front Page for you.  I'm working on it!


Text Box: Andrea Staton BSc (Hons) IIHT







Text Box: John Ward
Hand-made drums






















Text Box: Jon wanted to appear professional but fun, and he wanted photographs of his own djuembe and didgeridoo.
The silhouette on the reverse of his card is actually him!
Jon says that everyone comments on how lovely his cards are.


Text Box: services
           Drum workshops
           Drum maintenance
           Drum circles
           Drum tuition (west African percussion)
           Didgeridoo: tuition and workshops
           School and youth groups
           other (please contact me for  details)
All ages and groups catered for






Drum Services


Text Box: Holistic Therapist
Catherine Cooper




Text Box: The making of Catherine's card was quite special.  I spoke to her very briefly on the phone and she said she was desperate for cards, so I thought I'd take some simple cards with me when I met her so she had something with her contact details on that she could give out.
And the design to the left was born.  It was only when I met her that I found out she wanted the chakra colours somewhere, she fancied something spinning (the picture on the card began life as a clip-art picture of a tornado), she wanted her name bold and colourful, and a white background.  She also wanted the card to appeal as much to children as adults.
Success all round! And everyone loves it as much as she does! Including children.













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