How long does a TREATment take?
A standard TREATment is 30 minutes but this other lengths are possible.  I've modified my technique to enable me to give effective 15 minute TREATments in the workplace and at fairs etc and some people prefer a 90 minute full body massage.

How soon before I feel the effects?
You should notice the positive effects during treatment, and they should continue to increase for a few days or more. People report that there condition continues to improve for a long time afterwards.

How long will the effects last?
This depends. Some people experience relief from symptoms for a week or more after the first TREATment. The effects are cumulative: they are usually greater and last for longer with each TREATment.

How many TREATment are needed?
This depends on the individual.  Sometimes one is enough! Especially if we can work out the underlying cause for your condition. Most people decide to have more than one TREATment though, not because they need them but because they enjoy them.

What I don't want is for people to become dependent on me, I aim to enable you to take care of yourselves.

How often should I have TREATments?
This varies from person to person and the choice is yours.   Ideally, your symptoms at the beginning of any TREATment should be less severe than they were before the last, so that a continual improvement can be achieved.  I used to recommend weekly TREATments but I don't do that any more because the effects of one TREATment usually last for longer than a week.

What are the TREATment goals?
We'll agree on long term and short term goals as we proceed. For example, your long term TREATment goals may be for you to have better sleep and fewer headaches, or feel less stressed; your short term TREATment goals may be to alleviate pain from your shoulder. Generally speaking, the goal is to make you feel

Are there any times when you won’t be able to treat me?
No matter what your condition there I'll be able to find a therapy to suit you.

What hours do you work?
My hours are flexible and varied.  I often work evenings and weekends so if you work full time I should be able to fit you in. 

Can I buy treatments for someone else?
Yes GIFT VOUCHERS, are available.

How far will you travel?
For corporate work and healing fairs (ie, multiple clients) I can work throughout the UK. For individual clients I'm limited to Sheffield and the surrounding area.

What can I do if I don't want TREATments at home?
I can hire a room for the TREATment. And on Fridays I'll be at the Bohemian, 53 Chesterfield Road, Heeley. Here I can offer shorter (and therefore cheaper) TREATments. Please follow this link for more information:


Are TREATments expensive?
My standard prices for holistic therapy TREATments is £20 for 30 minutes, £30 for an hour, £40 for 1.5 hours etc. £5 extra for aromatherapy.

I am occasionally able to offer 15 minute treatments for £8-10, these are usually at day events.

I may be interested in a service or product trade.  Please contact me if you have a service or product that you'd like to trade.

And finally - To all you men out there that think there might be more than just a massage on offer:             NO!               

I shouldn't really have to say this, but apparently I do!






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