Indian Head Massage
And Other Massage Therapies

How does it work?

Western Philosophy

  • ·       Knots are removed and tension held in the muscles and tendons is released. This aids relaxation.

  • ·       Treatments lead to deeper breathing, which leads to more oxygen in the blood, resulting in more oxygen reaching the brain. 

  • ·       Massage of the scalp encourages blood flow to the scalp and to the brain.

  • ·       Increased oxygen to the brain allows clearer thinking and better concentration.

  • ·       Increased blood flow to the scalp encourages healthy hair growth.

  • ·       Physical contact with the skin draws blood to the surface, bringing essential nutrients with it. This helps the skin to regenerate and repair itself.

  • ·       Posture, and curvature of the spine can be improved by stretching and manipulating muscles and tendons attached the skeleton underneath. 

  • ·       The lymphatic system is stimulated, increasing the response of the immune system and detoxification process.

  • ·       Our minds and bodies are connected: the more stressed we feel, the more tense we get, and vice versa. Relaxing the body combined with deeper breathing helps us to relax our minds and relieves stress and anxiety.

  • ·       Just being the centre of attention and receiving a comforting physical touch for a while is soothing.

·       Most importantly, treatments will make you FEEL GOOD. Nothing seems as bad and everything good seems far more achievable when we’re on top of the world.

Eastern Philosophy

Treatments balance energy by working on the higher charkas to achieve harmony and balance of mind, body  and spirit.

When performing TREATments that involve physical touch I'm also working on an energy level.  For me, massage is the perfect way to bring the spiritual down to earth.  Chakra balancing is part of every TREATment.  TREATments balance yin and yang; masculine and feminine; thought and feeling; mind, body and spirit etc.














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