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This is John's page until johnsdrums.co.uk  is up and running.
As far as we know, this is the only place to buy drums made in England.


Here you'll find photographs of drums that are currently for sale and a bit of supplementary information.

Please scroll down to see photos of drums currently for sale and for ordering and contact details;

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John's Drums

John's drums are completely handmade, all beautiful to look at and excellent to play. They're suitable for experts and novices alike. It's really easy to make them sound wonderful, it's actually difficult to make them sound bad! And each one has a wide range of notes and sounds.

These drums are more versatile and expressive than a djembe and they can be played loudly or quietly. John makes sure that they're comfortable to play; some are made the perfect size for playing whilst sitting on a chair or sofa. So you can play along to your music at home without annoying your neighbours or you can play them in a professional capacity for all to hear!

And unlike some of the drums you find that have been made in foreign lands, these are absolutely unique and guaranteed fair trade!

Made to Order

You may buy from stock, or John will make drums to order. This way you can get exactly what you want. Have you ever wondered what a drum of a specific shape would sound like? John can make it for you!

Be warned:


And if you don't understand why "Drums are dangerous", buy one and find out!

Drum 101

This drum is small and light and easy to carry around. The shape is similar to a conga but it's smaller. It has an amazing voice! More guts than you'd expect from a drum it's size and such clear notes. Truly special!


Pair of Drums

These drums were made as a pair. They closely resemble ashikos. Each one is a truly versatile drum in it's own right but they also complement each other. They can therefore be played on their own or together. Perfect for two people drumming together! The price quoted is for the pair but we will consider selling them separately.


Drum 102

Another beauty !It has a slightly higher note than drum 1 but still has a good bass note. It has a fresh, crisp, youthful sound. The perfect lead drum, as it can be heard above the rest.



Drum 103, 200

This drum has been tried and tested by a professional conga player and she loves it!

It has a lovely sound and range of notes, making it an excellent solo drum as well as one that complements any other.


How it Began
If you've read A Bit About Me you'll know that I wouldn't be where I am today as far as massage goes without John, who's bad back started my study. Similarly, John would not be making his beautiful drums if it weren't for me! He made his first drum body about 5 years ago by hollowing out a log (there's another story here, I'll put it on this page soon) and it sat for a long time without a skin (it made a lovely vase!) because he didn't know how to skin it. Eventually, I awoke one morning inspired and asked him if I could do it and he agreed.

I soaked the skin in water for a while and then took it out and started playing with it; getting used to the way it felt and handled. I eventually put the skin on using elastic bands and paperclips and then laced it with cord. John has since modified my elastic band and paperclip idea and made a more substantial tool.

John's since developed different ways of constructing and of skinning drums.


Contact Information
Drums may be viewed by appointment with no obligation at the Airy Fairy on London Road or at the Bohemian on Chesterfield Road, Heeley. Or we'll bring them to you if you live within 20 miles of Sheffield. Please contact John to arrange.

John's contact details are:

Telephone 0114 2811475 or 07981 139993

Please feel free to phone or e-mail if you have any questions. We'd love to hear from you.

Ordering Information

If you live locally and you'd like to see the drums before you buy, please contact John. Drums can be seen by appointment at the Airy Fairy on London Road or at the Bohemian on Chesterfield Road, Heeley.
You may also order on-line by e-mailing John by following the link above.

We accept payment by cheque, Pay-Pal and Nochex (These are secure payment sites, we never receive your bank details). Please send your postal address and we'll supply postage and package costs (with no obligation) and we'll send payment instructions when an order is received.

We supply internationally.


Drum Party

How about a Drum Party? Similar to the old Tupperware party. Invite some friends around to your home and we'll come along with some drums. For every drum sold at the party and orders that result in a purchase, the holder of the party will get a 10% discount on the price of the drum of their choice.

Certificate of Authenticity

For an extra 5 we'll supply a certificate of authenticity. This contains a photograph of the drum, details of where and when it was made and by whom. It also states that it was completely handmade and is unique.


Drums and Me
Over the years as I've developed my massage and healing skills I've been learning how to "tune in" to different vibrations and energies.

I love the way John's drums vibrate. I'm quite happy just holding them whilst the music plays! And I play the drum in the same way I massage: I hold my hands over the skin, follow the vibrations and play along!


Drums and Health
Drumming can be an excellent aid to meditation! Simple drumming can take you off to another place (it does for me at least). It helps to clear the thoughts and promote relaxation.

The vibrations themselves may also have an impact on health.

Drumming helps to synchronize our internal rhythms.

Drumming with another person can help these people to bond together.

A friend is studying the impact on drumming with "indigo children" including those with autism, with encouraging results.


Returns and Refunds

If you're not happy with your purchase you may return it within 7 days for a full refund (not including postage and packaging) provided the drum is "as new" when we receive it.

Each Drum Goes To Its Spiritual Home.
 Could It Be With You?



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