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"Andrea came to our call centre in early summer 2006 as a reward for our staff. We were so impressed that Liberata have invited her back to work at other offices and departments! The feedback was tremendous and we were also impressed that she understood the needs of our workplace. She turned up on time, stuck to the schedule and did everything she said she would. She helped the day run smoothly."
  Sharon Pugh, Liberata


“Andrea came to our business during the Customer Services Week in late 2006.Our company wanted to thank employees for all their hard work and commitment.

We invited Andrea to offer her therapeutic treatments to customer services staff, myself included.

Andrea is excellent she helped ease my really bad cold and blocked sinus. The employee’s comments and feedback were amazing and it was a real moral boost for us all. Andrea’s treatments are (a not to be missed) experience, so relaxing, calming or invigorating as you chose.

I would recommend Andrea to any one especially if you have a stress full job! Or even if you just want to treat to yourself. “

            Julie Bows, Liberata


"Just wanted to say on behalf of all the group what a fabulously informative and interesting session you gave to the Women's Health Day. A lot of the people who attended said how much they enjoyed your Indian Head Massage and really feel that it is beneficial in so many ways. I know that many of us will be in touch to book sessions including myself. Keep up the good work, this mad, mad, hectic world needs more of your input."
Val Terrey-Kay, Unison


I asked Andrea if she could make me feel de stressed and relaxed she made me feel both of this and more, i felt wonderful when treatment was over i felt like gained a friend as well. I would recommend Andrea to anyone without hesitation just like to say thanks and cant wait until our next meet. 



I had a blood clot in my femoral artery and had surgery to remove a large section between my naval and the top of my thigh. The surgeon assumed I would lose my leg because of insufficient blood supply and operated as if I already had. He cut every nerve fibre tendon and vein during surgery. Consequently I suffered a great deal of pain in my leg and had trouble walking. The lack of circulation was causing my arteries to harden and blood to clot. The GP said it was just a matter of time before gangrene set in and my leg would have to be removed.


Andrea started massaging my leg just before Christmas 2007 and the difference is amazing! The pain is considerably less, I can manage without a walking stick when inside. Instead of getting worse it's getting better! My GP says that Andrea's treatments are  softening the hardened arteries, removing blockages and diverting the blood flow to by-pass the missing artery; the capillaries are opening up to form arteries and blood is circulating my leg and keeping it healthier. The GP says that he expected my to have lost my leg by now and that Andrea's treatments have stopped this from happening. I don't know what the future holds but the present is a lot better than it could have been! Thank you.

            Stephen Bingley




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