What's Involved?

The first step is to Contact Me You can ask me any questions you like and decide whether you think I'm the person to help you.  Then we arrange to meet. Or you can come and see me at the Bohemian on Fridays

Iíll come to your home or place of work or we can meet elsewhere. I use a couple of places in Sheffield  (see  home for locations) but will work in any suitable location.

The first thing we'll do is have an informal chat about your requirements and medical history. During this time we sit and get to know each other a little, you can tell me what prompted you to ask for TREATments and what you would like them to do for you.  We decide what type of therapy is right for you and on what the treatment goals are. You can tell me if there's anything you're uncertain or nervous about and can ask me any questions.

For the TREATment,  all I need is some space to work and some uninterrupted time. Iíll bring my own chair (unless you have one youíd like to use) or massage couch . We can even listen to your favourite music during the TREATment.  The chair I use is a small rocking chair  with a narrow back that you sit on the as you would a normal chair.  I find this chair is very useful for neck and shoulder work, and helpful for people who feel a little vulnerable when asked to sit or lie with their back to the therapist and their face in a hole!

TREATments can be performed with or without oils or lotions. There is no need to remove any clothes unless you want to.  I can perform "hands -on" and "hands-off" TREATments so we'll be sure to find one that suits you.

 Each TREATment will be unique and enjoyable as well as therapeutic.

 After the TREATment Ė just sit back and feel good. Iíll leave you in peace.














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